Sunday, April 9, 2017

Farenheit 451 Essay

        The author's tone sets a mood to a story and pursues the reader's emotions towards the story or characters. For example, in "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury sets different tones towards two characters, Clarisse and Beatty. Clarisse is a girl who, in a way, changes Montag, the protagonist, in realizing the truth or gives him a different perspective towards society, while Beatty is Montag's boss who opposes to this change. Bradbury's attitude towards Clarisse is positive and respectful/admiration. The tone towards Beatty is the opposite as Clarisse's, which is negative, but it also changes. The tones of these characters are shown because of the authors use of words.
     Bradbury describes Clarisse like she's an angel and innocent. "Her face was slender...and it was kind of gentle...Her dress was white and it whispered." After this quote, Bradbury continues describing her and this description makes Clarisse sound innocent and angelic because he uses the word gentle and she's wearing a white dress. Clarisse is a curious girl who asks Montag questions and these questions starts changing Montag. She asks him if he's happy and if he's in love, and Montag doesn't have a clear answer to what she asks. She makes the protagonist think about the society and world he's living on, and then he wants to bring books back. This shows how Clarisse changes him and Bradbury admires her for changing him.
     As for Beatty, Bradbury has a negative tone towards him. He has a negative tone towards him because in a way Beatty is the villain in this story. Beatty wants to stop the protagonists task. Beatty figures out that Montag has books at his house so he wants to burn his house. The author makes him sound like a bad guy with all the smoking and burning books and how he's so against books. Bradbury's tone is also ironic because Beatty wants to burn all the books that still exist, but he's one of the people that know a lot about them. Not only does he burn them, but also is against them and says that they're bad for the world.
     All in all, Ray Bradbury's tone for Clarisse, which is positive and admiration, concludes to the reader that Clarisse is a good girl with no bad intentions. In the other hand, the tone for Beatty changes with being negative and ironic. Bradbury's tone is shown by his use of diction.


Monday, February 6, 2017

Great Gatsby Notes (ch.1,2,& 3)

  • Nick: narrator that lives in west egg
  • Daisy: Nicks second cousin, and  not happy where she is
  • Tom: a bully, married to Daisy
  • Jordan Baker: friend of Daisy's and Daisy is trying to hook up Jordan and Nick
CH. 2
  • Nick meets Toms mistress! "I want you to meet my girl"
  • supercilious: arrogant
  • Wilson: Tom's mistress husband
  • Myrtle: Toms mistress
  • Tom and Myrtle have a secret apartment together
  • Catherine: Myrtle's sister
  • Gatsby is still a mysterious figure
CH. 3
  • Why isn't Gatsby at his own party?
  • Gatsby wants to talk to Jordan Baker
  • Nick says, "She was incurably dishonest "
  • Nicks virtue: "I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known."

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello 2017!

I've grown as a person since January 2016 because I think I'm more optimistic about things than I was last year. I remember being negative about things and even myself. I'm more positive and happy.

Friday, December 9, 2016

An Earth Shattering Fart

My response to "A Sound of Thunder" was how crazy one little small change, can make a big difference. For example, in the story Eckels just got out of the pathway and stepped a butterfly in the past and when he came to the future, the writing was different and it changed the presidency. So all Eckels did was step on a butterfly and it changed many big things. I also found the story interesting because of the time traveling and hunting dinosaurs.

Something Interesting

Something interesting is that I'm trying to catch up on my blogs for this course.


All I can say is that time goes by so fast. I still remember the first day of class, where we had to choose blogs or books and the final exam was a long time yet to come. Now we took the final exam and the first semester is almost over. I find it crazy.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Immigrants in our land"

So today during English class I re-read "Immigrants in our land" by Jimmy Santiago Baca and Jessica  Para's analysis and I agree with Jessica. I agree on how the poem is saying how immigrants are leaving because of the bad things that is happening in their native land, but the place they migrate to is no different. Also, I think that immigrants have high hopes and probably get disappointed because, like I mentioned, it's no different.

Also, when my table and I were talking about the poem, we were talking about how we can see Jimmy Santiago Baca point of view when he was in jail. I can see his point of view when he says that his old clothes are taken away and how he has to wear an overall "mechanic wear". Another thing, is that he talks about what people were, what they did,  in the "old life"  and now in the "new life" (jail) "counselors" tell them what to do.